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Listing ID:155057
Title:GRANDER Water Revitalisation Devices
Description:Grander Water Revitalization is a natural technology from Austria which brings water back to life by restoring its original vitality and energy. It makes water more pleasurable for drinking and bathing, more effective for cleaning, enhancing anything that uses water. Revitalized water has a profound influence on all living things, but even mechanical and nonliving systems using water (boilers, cooling units, and humidifiers) benefit from its enhanced properties. Water, the fluid of life: Enthusiastic users report the following effects with Grander Technology: With fine and fresh taste, revitalised water remains fresh for a long time High level of drinking pleasure as a result of the fine taste of the water Fine and fresh tastes of foods Vigorous growth of plants and beautiful flowers Soothing to the skin while bathing and showering Sustainability and protection of resources: revitalised water regenerates itself, allows an economical use of washing agents and returns revitalised to the natural cycle.
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Owner Name:M. Flemings

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